Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Stranger Within

Hell humiliates a whisper while the wind whistles your grief.

The scent of man sends shame to all.

Victims claim freedom while captors face vengeance.

The curse on your grave corrupts the Judgment Day that will always be with you.

I give you permission to be excused to die.

The stranger in the shadows tempts the ghosts of the seducer.

You dare to dance while I spin my spell.

The flesh on your body that you call skin waits to be united with dust and rain.

Thunder roams the ears while the lightning burns through your heart.

The ticking of life slowly fades away.

Visions are ended into a solitary death.

Dreams play on the thoughts of the Immortal,

For the mortal shall die,

For they have ceased to find a resolution for Eternal life that only exists with Death.

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