Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Last Tear, A Poem written by Erica M. Kadrmas

I walked down the desolate street without fear.

Clouds gathered and beckoned to all they cherished,

Like Sirens who lured people to their deaths.

I grumbled beneath my breath,

For I knew what was coming.

I did not need to read, nor hear the agony of defeat,

The feeling has always remained.

Waterfalls were shed.

Lives were drowned,

Yet, I smile.

The room spins around me,

And yet, I wonder.

I no longer need you,

Pain flickers in my heart.

I try to deny it, but,

I’ve saved you the last tear.

I get the last laugh.

Cry, you baby,

I know you feel the pain,

Because, I do too.

(October 29, 1996)

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