Sunday, May 23, 2010

An Outsider

In the vast, eerie midnight, the hushed lake is embraced to a still water.

The witching hour slowly approaches as the stroke of midnight slowly descends.

In the musty, metallic backwoods the martyr dome rises like a haunting hellfire.

He slowly descends the Gates to burn in a fiendish tormenting of all Hell.

A morbid, disturbing, agonized moan cries into a deafening race for life.

The Prince of Darkness gently begins to sway his bloodstained sickle.

The last resting place for eternal rest is turned into a reign of terror.

A bloody robe that reeked of decayed flesh covers an intimidated face.

A chilled hand grasps my neck, and I slowly pass into a place that held shadows of chambers that resembled mangled meat.

The Day of Judgment and Doom’s Day were groveling to a mauling compromise.

The mistress of Deception held a crazed coldness that gave you a shadow of a hateful vengeance.

I was an outsider to this foreign land commonly known as Satan’s kingdom.

Getting ready for the departure of persecution was to the quest of all flesh.

A bodkin lay in the corner of the mortal concealed vaults of the charnel house.

At Death’s door was the last step to where the mute became silent.

Blood trickled down the disembodied torso of a once lively creature.

Death held its illimitable grasp on all mankind.

The Master of Torment would convey all of life’s pain and torture carrying with it a piercing shrill.

The sinful aggravation cultivated a termination to the finishing stroke.

I had a preyed upon sense to strive for a chance to decay like the already mystified bloodied flesh.

Shattered glass lay on the muddy floor of the forest.

I noticed then, that life and death are equally jests both fighting for the throne.

Death always was there and held dominion over all.

I sit on a rock that resembled an old cemetery stone.

I listen, and in the far distance here a faint tormented cry.

The rotting shadows begin to descend, staggering off into the distance.

Grasping and pulling try to overwhelm me into living in the chambers of the bloody, tormenting Hell.

I slowly change my mind, and I began to notice a magnificent white light.

I am not foolish to leave this kingdom, for I am wise.

In the dead of the night, I reach the bitter end where Death proceeds in his duty.

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