Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Mending Flower

The Mending Flower

(Poem inspired by Beloved Grandmother Hattie Kadrmas April 25, 2007)

Thou art the fairest, most delicate teacup blossom in my garden,

Yet, you stature has held the test of time.

Wars were fought; tears were shed; but ‘tis your awe and delicate beauty that tugs at the heart of men.

The untouched lips of the lonely felt the warmth of your glow.

Alas, I hear your sweet song whispering into the wind.

Thou art the willow that sways near your shadow.

The lonely experience your precious spirit; a precious Angel to dance a smile to the tear; a companion to the widow; a lover to the unloved and a parent to the orphan.

Oh, sweet Dear One, thou art honored to have been graced and blessed to have lived while you lived.

To kiss your cheek for one last time,

‘Tis truly awesome the honor and splendor one blessed life had on so many.

My dear, sweet, treasured and beloved, may you always know the love my soul has felt for you,

And the lives you have touched, and that you children call you blessed.

Your Granddaughter sends one last kiss and tears your way, wanting to lend a hand to your legacy, Oh Mending Flower.

Let me be your shining example and live my life like the angel you were.

Written by Erica M. Kadrmas

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