Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Boys Poem

Little Boys

One day when I was a young child,

I looked into the mirror and my hair was too wild.

I climbed on the toilet and up on the sink,

I looked into the mirror and gave myself a wink.

The small shiny scissors twinkled oh so bright,

And all of the sudden I heard the fright.

To my mom’s surprise she was shocked at the sight,

I went to bed singing into the night.

When I awoke the next morning, I crawled out of my crib,

And I could hear my mom telling the neighbor a fib.

I crept to the bathroom and checked out my new ‘do,

Took out the toilet cleaner and now my hair is all blue.

My mom burst out laughing, pointing and crying.

Perhaps, tomorrow I’ll be spinning and flying.

(Poem Inspired by Erica M. Kadrmas three sons: Xavier, Tanner, and Hunter on

March 5, 2007).

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